A Journey Through the Blogosphere

Join me PR Earthlings as I take you across the galaxy to visit some out of this world blogs! We will take a look at three different blogs in the outer relam of the blogosphere. Some blogs you will see will be similar to your earthly blog, others will truly be out of this world. So join me for an awesome PR journey through media way!

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.27.36 PMWe first land on theย Holtz communication and technology blog. Right off the bat I could tell this blog means business. On the right side of the page, the blog list the many awards it has won. The blog won a very prestigious “Top 30 Business ย Blogs of 2012”. One thing I like about this blog, is how they find a way to relate to public relations. I came across an article called “Let’s kill the front group“, talks about how front groups are giving public relation a bad name. I also found the blog very user friendly, it was not to hard to maneuverer around. One thing that was least interesting was the lack of public relation post. I was only able to find one post in the first three pages talking about public relations. Something I learned about public relations that I already did not know, is how front groups work. The article also talks the history of front groups. One thing I learned about public relations writing is the code of ethnics. The article talks about how the code of ethnics, and how front groups breaks some codes. All in all the Holtz blog is a must look at for PR lovers.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 10.56.11 PMThe Flackย ย was a very interesting blog. This blog was less colourful and eye popping then Holtz’s blog. It is very plain, and seems like it should only appeal to older public relation lovers. One thing I noticed is that the blog has a mission statement sort of speak. The mission statement talks about how the blog attempts to shine a light on the role public relations plays in politics, pop culture and etc. One thing this blog showed how public relation plays a role in different aspects of our life. When I think of public relations I tend to think about corporations messing up, and somebody writing a press release. This blog also how different you have write for different situations. I did not know that you need change the way you write for different situations. This is very important for trying to reach your audience.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 11.22.52 PMBrian Solis’s blog appearance is a mixture of the first two blogs I talked about. It is not super eye popping, but it does have colour to it. The blog feels like it is for college students who are trying to understand more about public relations. Brian Solis also has written many books, and are listed in his blog. When it comes to public relation there is not many articles written for public relations. I had to use the search button to find articles or books Solis has written about PR. After reading one of his post I noticed he really only write book reviews on public relations. This made the blog a little less appealing, and some what hard to understand. With all that said, the articles are still pretty interesting to read about. One article I enjoyed was a review on Jay Rosen bookย Putting the Public Back in Public Relations.ย ย From reading his article I learned that the end goal of public relations is basically getting your message to the public.

After flying around the blogosphere and visiting many blogs, I truly enjoyed visiting Holtz blog. It was just right for me, and I feel it would be for other readers. The blog contained a lot of different post regarding a lot of different communication aspects. After a little heavy searching and digging around I found plenty of public relation articles. This blog adheres to everything I am looking for in a blog. The blog itself does not bore you, but it also does not overwhelm you too. This blog is personally one of my favourites, I will defintely be visiting again soon.


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