The Death of Print News Releases

Yes my fellow public relation astronauts, you heard correct. The traditional print news release is dead. How did the traditional print new release die you ask? Technology killed it, and left it out in the outer realm of the universe. We are living in an age where everything can be accessed digitally. Where you can find out the full digits of pi or a picture of actual pie just from your phone. With more people going digital, companies now have to adjust to ongoing trend. Technology alone is not what killed traditional print new releases though. The mediums such as Facebook and Twitter also helped in the killing of print news releases

Technology has come a very long way. From the very first computer that were as big as a bedroom. From the use of a type writer, technology will always evolve. With technology evolving, it changes everything around it too. One thing that has changed the most is paper. Yes fellow PR spacemen and women, paper. With the digital age here and now, one thing that is being left behind is paper. Just thinking about turning something in on paper sounds so primitive. Traditional print news releases were printed on paper in a galaxy far far away. My friends from the other side of the galaxy at TechCrunchΒ writes a great piece on the ending of paper.

Technology brought a lot of awesome things into our life. Social media is probably on the top of that list. Websites like Facebook and Twitter allow people to reach millions of people with a post or anything. More companies are starting to use social media as ways to get there messages out to the public. With using social media as a way to get news out you are able to do more things. You can add audio, visuals or anything you desire in your release. With the print news release, whatever you type and print out is usually set in stone. So primitive and so bland. We travel at light speed to the other side of the galaxy too look at the Corporate Eye. On there blog they talk about the inner struggle the PR professionals have to face with digital and traditional news releases. A great PR jedi must be able to balance both side of the news release force.



Technology brings change, and with change brings technology. Lets face it, the world is ran by and for the young people. With internet access being as easy to get on, younger people are able to see things. Young people mostly want to be connected or be amongst friends. Facebook and Twitter is a great place for young people to share ideas among themselves and with anybody else who comes across it. PR professionals across all galaxies must accept that the world is driven by young people. Most or even all young people are in the digital realm of things. That means finding out information or accessing information, they do it digitally. Over at Flack Me, they talk about the changes that are being made because of this.



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