All good things must come to an end!

Where has the time gone by my PR galatical friends? It feels like just yesterday I started this blog and created my first post. Now I am six days away from the semester being over, and my sophomore year of college being done. When it comes to public relations I have learned so much in just one semester with Dr. Brown. We had to do real life assignments, such as writing assignments for The Zambia Project. The Zambia Project was the service-learning experience that we took on as a class.

We had to do many different public relations projects dealing with The Zambia Project. We had a choice to go to a concert or a volunteering event to write about it. Dr. Brown had us create news releases of either events. The news release had to be written in the standard public relations format. Along with news releases, we created brochures for The Zambia Project. We learned about what makes a good brochure good, and the bad brochures bad. We were shown what information should be on each panel.


Above is a picture of my public relations writing class with Matthew Mackie, the director of The Zambia Project. We got to interview him, and find out information on The Zambia Project to write a news release. Along with the news release, we also got to write a feature story on Mackie. The feature story is written in a news release format, and all the information was gathered from a Skype interview. The Skype interview also gave us information to write an electronic newsletter. The Zambia Project allowed us to write and interview real life situations.

As summer approaches, I am realizing how I have grown from these assignments. As a sophomore being in a class full of juniors and seniors, I realized how much I held my own. This is my first time taking a public relations class, and learning about many different assignments. The Zambia Project and Dr. Brown both helped with that, so thank you!


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